The Final Countdown to Denmark!

In exactly 7 days I will be in Copenhagen starting my semester abroad with DIS. Four months in a completely new country and city. It all began to hit me this week when I received my housing assignment. I will be living in a kollegium and I am so excited because it was my top housing choice! The name of my kollegium is Grønjordskollegiet (pronunciation to be learned later on). It’s only a fifteen minute bike ride to DIS and the center of Copenhagen, which is perfect as I wanted to be right in the city.

Prior to this break, I was so caught up with finals, work, finals, packing up my room, and have I mentioned finals? Needless to say, school took up so much of my time that I didn’t have much time to really think about going to Copenhagen. My biggest study abroad thought? Copenhagen will be my reward for getting through this semester!

Now that I’ve had some time to sit and reflect on the fact that I am actually going to Copenhagen for the semester, I honestly have one emotion: excitement. I’m sure the nerves will set in when I board my flight and I’m sure I’ll begin to miss my friends once their semester beings. For now, however, I feel nothing but excitement. Excited to live in a new city, excited to meet new people, excited for my classes, and excited to travel throughout Europe!


I am on the European Politics track and my core course is European Game of Politics: Crisis and Survival. This course is focused on the European Union and its role in European and international politics. During our core course week, we have the opportunity to interview key political figures. We also participate in an European Union simulation game in which each student represents an EU member and negotiate a current issue. As a government major with a focus on international relations, I am obviously SO stoked about this course. To enhance my education of international relations, I am also taking a Danish politics class to learn more about the Danish political system in particular. In addition to these two courses, I am taking Danish Language and Culture, Human Trafficking from a Global Context, and Fleeing Across Borders: International Refugee Law. 

With only seven days left in the U.S., here is what I have planned:

  1. Keep practicing my Danish on Duolingo (according to the app I am a dazzling 1% fluent in Danish…we’ll see how well I do once I’m in Denmark).
  2. Last minute shopping
  3. Squeeze in goodbyes to friends and family
  4. Make a Spotify playlist for the plane ride (6.5 hours worth to be exact)

That’s all for now! Stay tuned for more updates and adventures 🙂

Farvel (Goodbye)!



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