Semester #Goals


Hello again! I’m writing from the airport, as I have arrived FOUR hours early (but hey better 4 hours early than 4 minutes late…right?) Anyways, I’ve compiled a list of goals I hope to accomplish by the end of this semester and thought I’d share them with you all!

  1. Get to know Copenhagen: While I am so excited to be able to explore all of Europe, I want to be able to call Copenhagen “home”. I want to know all the ins and outs of the city.
  2. Leave Copenhagen: That being said, travel is so cheap in Europe that I hope to travel to at least three or four other countries. My top choices are France, Czech Republic, Switzerland, and Italy!
  3. Learn *some* Danish: I’ve been practicing on Duolingo, but I hope by the end of the semester I can say a few basic phrases or shop for groceries without a translation app!
  4. Say “yes”: Study abroad is a chance to discover so many new places and do some self exploration. I want to really get out of my comfort zone and push my boundaries in a positive way. If any opportunity arrives, I plan on saying YES!
  5. Learn to cook: Don’t get me wrong, I can make pasta, eggs, and Ramen, but I’d like to expand my collegiate cooking skills. Hopefully I can learn to make a few Danish dishes.
  6. Make Danish friends: Since I won’t be studying at a Danish university and the majority of my classes will be with Americans, I’ll have to put in a lot of effort to make local friends. Thankfully I will be living on a floor with mostly Danes, so I’m sure that will help!
  7. Volunteer: Apparently volunteering is HUGE in Denmark, so I plan on finding a volunteer opportunity that fits my interests. Plus it will be a great way to meet Danes.
  8. Less Snapchat, more Living: While I want to take pictures to remember my time abroad, I also want to be present. Thankfully, limited data will reduce my social media presence.
  9. Don’t forget about home: This is twofold (1) Make time for Skyping my parents and friends from Smith. I’ve heard study abroad can get very hectic so making time for those back home is very important. (2) Stay up-to-date with current events back home. I’m sure it’ll be easy to ignore what is happening in the US while abroad, but I want to stay informed because I will be going back and US politics affects Europe’s politics.

That’s all for now folks! I hope by the end of my time in Denmark I can say I have checked off every one of these goals 🙂





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