Weekend with Rosie!


The weekend I had been waiting for finally came and just ended! This past weekend, my best friend from home, Rose, came to visit me in Copenhagen. I was so so so excited to be reunited with her and share Copenhagen with her! It was a perfect weekend with the perfect friend. She’s studying abroad in Prague, so it was a quick hour and a half flight to me! Read below to check out our weekend 🙂

Friday was spent with touristy activities and yummy food. I started off by brining Rose to Nyhavn, because what better place to begin than the Google Images of Copenhagen? We then jumped around on the trampolines and had some of Copenhagen’s famous waffles. My friend Joanna and I then walked Rose to the student union and to the best hotdog stand in all of Copenhagen. Rose tried the hotdog and it was another success! For dinner we went to Paper Islands. Paper Islands is a GIANT warehouse filled with 30 different food and bar stands (you’ll start to notice a common theme with this weekend: FOOD). We started off with their famous mojitos and they were AMAZING. We then continued with french fries cooked in duck fat, chicken tacos, and pad thai. Then came dessert: Créme brûlée donuts with ice cream, drizzled with chocolate. And yes, we are still drooling at the sound of them.

Saturday began with, you guessed it, BRUNCH. We walked to one of Copenhagen’s most famous brunch spots: Mad & Kaffe. It was so yummy, well portioned, and the decor was wonderfully minimalist. Pro tip: if you ever go make sure you get the oatmeal. We then set out to hit all the major touristy spots. We started at the round tower, which arguably has the best view of Copenhagen. It was then off to see the Queen (or at least her castle). We then walked a solid five miles to see the Little Mermaid statue (if you weren’t aware, Hans Christian Andersen wrote The Little Mermaid and set the fairytale in Denmark). Believe it or not, our day STILL wasn’t over. We walked to the botanic gardens and ate gelato at the amazing glass market! For dinner, we went to my favorite pizza spot, mother. I’ve mentioned it in my previous posts and is still one of my favorite spots in Copenhagen (and now one of Rose’s).

Sunday was Rose’s last day in Copenhagen! We decided to take it easy, as we hit most of the good spots on Friday and Saturday. Of course our day started with brunch at Wulff & Konstali. After yet another amazing brunch, we headed off to the city center. We then strolled around, did some shopping, and then I introduced Rose to the Danish concept of “hygge” (pronounced hoo*gah). Roughly translated, this is the feeling of coziness and warmth. We went to a coffee shop filled with candles, pillows, blankets, and yummy hot chocolate. We spent the rest of the day enjoying one another’s company and experiencing true Danish hygge. Afterwards, I dropped her off at the airport. It wasn’t a sad goodbye, because I will be seeing her soon (country to be a surprise)!

I absolutely loved having Rose here and spending the weekend with her in Copenhagen. She’s been my best friend since freshman year of high school and it was so comforting to see her while abroad. I got to have a little piece of home with me for a few days and I could not be more grateful. I’m so excited for our future adventures together, so be sure to stay tuned for more fun times from Ramy!



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