Budapest? Try, Budabest!

Hello! Last, but not least is part three of my spring break. I spent my final three days in Budapest with my friend Joanna. Budapest ended up being my favorite city (second to Copenhagen of course). Read below to find out why!

Trip 3: Budapest

A tired, but ready to mingle Amy arrived in Budapest at 19:00 on Thursday. I got my second wind as soon as I got to the city center and met up with Joanna. I was ready to explore! But first, I needed food. For some reason, burgers are huge in Budapest so we stopped in at The Ring where they had about 7 pages worth of burgers. I decided on the avocado burger and it was delicious. After our big dinner, we decided to hike up to the freedom tower because it was such a beautiful night. One steep hike later, we were greeted with the most stunning view of the city. I never thought I’d say this about Budapest, but it was such a romantic city. I’m not sure if it was the quiet, the lights, or the warmth of the night, but it was romantic (yes, I’ll probably go on my honeymoon there). After admiring the city, we headed down for gelato. We went to a famous gelato spot where they make your gelato in the shape of a flower. It was beautiful and delicious, a great way to end the evening!

Friday was by far my favorite day in Budapest. It began with a trip to the famous thermal baths! The water was naturally heated to roughly 98 degrees Fahrenheit. Apparently you aren’t supposed to stay in for more than fifteen minutes at a time, but we 100% broke that rule… oops. We spent the morning relaxing in the baths and soaking up all the warm sun we could. After hours of this, we decided to head out as there was still a lot to do on our list. We were quite hangry by the time we got back to the hostel and freshened up so our next stop had to be food. We made our way to the Great Market, where there are a bunch of food and shopping stands inside one big hall. One of Hungary’s most famous street foods is called Lángos, which is basically fried dough with sour cream and as many toppings as you’d like. Super healthy, right? BUT we had to get the ~full experience~ so we ordered one each and oh. my. god. (read in the voice of Janice from F.R.I.E.N.D.S) It was incredible. We were so starving, we managed to eat the entire thing. After God knows how many calories later, we decided to walk around the market and do some shopping. We each got some great stuff, but I won’t share because I may have picked up a few things for my peeps back home.


After the Great Market, Joanna and I took a free walking tour of the city. This walking tour’s focus was communism and terror in Budapest because of the country’s long history. It was a sad, but very interesting tour and I’m glad we took in. By the time the tour ended, it was time for dinner and we went to Iguanas, said to have the best margaritas in Budapest. If you know me, I cannot pass up a margarita so we obviously had to go. We really lucked out because they only had one table left that wasn’t reserved and we got it! The margaritas lived up to the hype and the food was great too.


After a wonderful dinner, Joanna and I went to Szimpla Kert which is the most popular ruin bar in the city. It was HUGE and had the coolest decor I’ve ever seen. From bathtubs as seats to an outdoor dance floor, this bar had everything. We spent our entire night there and made sure we left our mark on the wall before we left! If you’re ever there, check out the second floor for our handiwork 😉

Saturday was our last full day in Budapest and we spent the morning climbing up to see the castle and the church at the top of Buda. The view during the day was just as beautiful as in the night! After photo shoots around the castle, we went back to the Great Market for one last round of Lángos. The afternoon was spent walking around the city and visiting Parliament because are you even a government major if you don’t visit Parliament? It was then time for our last dinner out and then catch our 6am flight home! It was a rough day of no sleep and lots of travel (not to mention the 30 minute layover in Berlin where we had to run over a mile to get to our next gate AND go through security…) Don’t worry, our flight ended up getting delayed so we made it.


Fun Facts about Budapest:

  1. It’s actually pronounced Buda-pesh
  2. The river that runs through the city is actually a divider. One side of the city is “Buda” and the other side is “Pest”
  3. The Buda side is more calm and residential, while the pest side is where you will find all the nightlife.
  4. Hungary only recently became a democratic country in the early 1990s.



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