Spring in Copenhagen

Hello hello! After a long winter, spring has finally arrived in Copenhagen!! The sun is staying out until 8:00pm, the temperature is in the 60s, the cherry blossoms have bloomed, and Tivoli has opened! Check out all the fun springtime activities I’ve been up to in the lovely Copenhagen.

Ice Cream: When I arrived home from Budapest, all the Danes on my floor decided to go grab ice cream to celebrate the start of spring. I was EXHAUSTED, but couldn’t say no to ice cream so I went. We biked roughly 15 minutes to Ismageriet and it was incredible. Best ice cream I’ve had in Denmark! We ate the ice cream outside, and spent the afternoon laughing with me slightly confused whenever they started speaking in Danish. It was so much fun though to hang out with everyone outside of the kitchen and enjoy the springtime sun.

Exploration: That first weekend back in Copenhagen was absolutely wonderful. Joanna had to film a video for her class exposing urban life and she asked me to help out. We spent the day exploring Nørrebro, which is her area of Copenhagen. We biked around the park and visited Hans Christian Andersen’s grave. Fun fact about Copenhagen: all the cemeteries are designed like beautiful parks. There are flowers everywhere and people actually go to the graveyards to picnic or tan. The beauty takes the grimness associated with death away. We then stopped by møller for brunch and it was fabulous! I have yet to be disappointed by Copenhagen food.

Afterwards, we biked to Fredericksburg and cam across the most beautiful park! It was filled with people picnicking, swans, fields of flowers, and cute benches! Copenhagen keeps surprising me with so much greenery and beauty! 

That weekend was also spring weekend at Smith, so we decided to have our own spring weekend here in Copenhagen! A bunch of us smithies met at paper island for drinks and dinner. It was a lovely night filled with good company and good food.

Spring cleaning: Sunday was a day of rest and spring cleaning for me. I made myself a great breakfast (avocado toast and a homemade smoothie) then cleaned my room. It was getting pretty messy, but after I was finished it looked immaculate! I then went for a run in the park by my kollegium and it was absolutely wonderful. Who knew I had nature so close to my kollegium? 

This past weekend, I visited the Danish design museum! For those of you who don’t know, the Danes are quite famous for architecture ( a Dane built the Sydney Opera House!). They’re also famous for chairs and lamps. It was super cool to walk around and see the development of Danish design. I also started planning my future homes decor. 

The dress of my dreams
A maternity corset

Saturday night was girls night and a bunch of us went out bar hopping. It was such a fun night filled with good friends and a LOT of dancing. 

Cherry blossoms: Sunday a very tired amy woke up at 1:00pm (we were out until 4am!). It was such a nice day that I decided to go to the Bispejerg cementary to see the cherry blossoms. In addition to the STUNNING cherry blossoms, I found Danes everywhere picnicking and enjoying one another’s company. Washington DC, you have competition. Afterwards, I met up with joanna and we picnicked ourselves! We then met up with some friends, got ice cream, and walked along the river. It was a wonderful way to end the weekend.

I am so beyond happy the spring weather is upon us! I am also so sad because it means I’ll be leaving soon. With only four weeks left, I really want to absorb all things Copenhagen. 



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