An American in Paris!

Bonjour!! I’ve been crazy busy these past few weeks with end of the semester stuff, so my apologies for the late post. Here’s a spring break update! Our first stop in Paris was right out of a fairytale. Read below for the magical adventure! 

As with every great fairytale, a big roadblock is inevitable. For us, our magical chariot, airberlin, was cancelled. We made it the first leg of the trip from Copenhagen to Berlin, but our flight from Berlin to Paris got cancelled. Did I mention it was 11:00PM?? We frantically ran to the customer service desk where we were greeted by a huge crowd of angry passengers. We sighed and entered the crowd. After two hours of nervously waiting, our turn was finally next. Or so we thought… this very angry woman from Russia BARGED through the line, demanding the representative take her right then and there. And that she did. After waiting for one more person, joanna and I elbowed our way in. By some miracle we got the last flight out the next morning. Airberlin also booked us a hotel room for the night. While we were pissed about our flight, airberlin did a great job accommodating us. 

Wednesday morning we successfully made it to Paris! Since we missed out on the morning, we had to make up for lost time! We killed to birds with one stone as we picked up food and ate it by the Eiffel Tower. We also treated ourself that night with some delicious wine and cheese!

On Thursday we started off by visiting The Louvre. Our Danish residence permits got us in for free so it was a steal!! The museum itself was beautiful, but SO overwhelming. I don’t even think we made it halfway though before we called it quits. We then decided to go shopping (we were in Paris after all!) I got a skirt and joanna got a cute top! After another dinner of wine and cheese, we went up the Tour Monteparnesse which is said to have the best panoramic view of Paris. It 100% did. We went at sunset and it was STUNNING. Once it turned dark, we walked over to the Eiffel Tower to see it all lit up!

Friday we visited Notre Dame and it was PACKED. We didn’t realize until 30 minutes later that it was Good Friday. Go figure. On our walk to the Orasay museum, we stumbled upon the lock bridge! It was so cute, but we didn’t have a lock. Bad tourists, we know. The Orsay museum was fabulous, as it featured many works from Degas (aka my favorite artist). After our visit, it was time to catch our flight to London! 

Paris was truly a wonderful city and I’ll definitely be back! I feel like we just barely scratched the surface of this fairytale city. 

Stay tuned for the London portion!! 


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