Cheerio! It’s time for part 2 of my Easter/Spring Break! After Paris, Joanna and I journeyed to London for 48 hours. While a short visit, it was packed with adventures, read below!

Friday we arrive in London at 20:20, but didn’t get into the city until MIDNIGHT because of a 30 minute train and a long line at passport control. Even though it was so late, we were starving so we hit up Chinatown for some grub and wait for Dylan to pick us up. Definitely the latest I’ve ever eaten dinner. We were staying with Joanna’s friend, Dylan, who is an au pair in London. He was getting into London that night as well from Italy. Once he made it in, we took the tube home and went to bed at a solid 3:30am.

Saturday we forced ourselves out of bed early so we could hit all the sites! First of all, I cannot tell you how nice it was to stay in a home after sleeping in hostels. We got to sleep in a real bed, have a real shower, and eat in a legit kitchen. After some freshly brewed coffee that Dylan made (he is a former Starbucks barista after all), we headed out to see London. We began with Camden Market, which was filled with food and clothing stands.  We hit up cereal killer cafe, a cafe with every cereal imaginable and all ’90s decor. I had a rainbow cocktail, which consisted of fruit loops, fruity pebbles, and lucky charms. So much sugar, but sooo good. We then shopped around and I picked up a super cute dress and Joanna got a nice spring jacket. It was then time to hit up all the major tourist spots – London Eye, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, and Buckingham Palace. We then met up with my friend Shannon from Syracuse! I hadn’t seen her in over a year and it was SO nice to catch up and hang out again. We all went to a rooftop bar, had cocktails, and watched the sunset. It was a PERFECT evening.

After the rooftop bar, Joanna, Dylan, and I met up with a bunch of Dylan’s friends at another bar. We had a fun night of dancing, singing happy birthday, and parading the streets of London.

Easter Sunday for us was quite relaxed! We began with a late brunch with our new group of friends. After brunch, we decided to sneak in one more tourist attraction and walked to Abbey Road. We got our Beatles photo and another one not on Abbey Road (we’re rebels). Since we had such a late start, it was then time for us to get to the airport so we could catch our flight back to Copenhagen. Just like that, our April break was over!

I had such a fun time in London because of the people. The city itself reminded me of New York City and didn’t feel very European. I also really missed hearing another language (especially Danish). I’m going to miss hearing Danish every day, so with only 5 days left I am going to enjoy every second of it!


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