Tak for…

Hello friends! As much as it pains me to type, this is my last blog post while in Denmark. I just re-read all my previous posts and I can’t believe how much time has passed and how much I have done. For those who have followed my adventures abroad, thank you for all the kind words and support! I cannot express enough how much I have grown to love Copenhagen.  I have traveled to 14 different cities, and Copenhagen still remains at the top of my list. The city now feels like home, it has become a part of me. I’ll be leaving a huge piece of my heart in Copenhagen for sure.

I thought it would be nice to dedicate this post to Copenhagen and say “tak” (thanks) for all it has given me.

Tak for mine venner… 

I’ve met so many wonderful people here, both Danish and American. I’ve gotten to learn so much about my fellow American’s college and life experiences. I can also say I’ve made a few friendships that will last a lifetime. We’ve shared so many adventures and opened up to one another in truly meaningful ways! While  my new friends live everywhere from California, to Oregon, to New York, I know we will stay in touch 🙂

Living in a kollegium was such a special experience and I would not have traded it for anything. The friends I made in Grønjordskollegiet (which I can now pronounce) have been fantastic. They helped me celebrate my 21st birthday, introduced me to the best ice cream in Copenhagen, made me yummy Danish food, helped me with my Danish, and welcomed me into their little family. KITCHEN 43B FOREVER.

Tak for mad…

For those who have been following all my posts, you KNOW I’m obsessed with the food in Copenhagen. From dinner at paper island, to coffee at Next Door Cafe, to Onsdagssnegle (wednesday cinnamon rolls), you never disappointed me. Wednesday’s will be especially rough without St. Peder’s cinnamon rolls… Thank you for never rushing my friends and I at restaurants, which happens quite a lot in the United States. Meals became long events with no phones and endless conversations. Also seriously special shout out to my boys at Next Door Cafe and The Donut Shoppe for being the nicest people ever (and for giving me free donuts and pastries on the house <3)

Tak for hygge…

For those unfamiliar with the Danish concept of hygge (hoo-gah), it’s the feeling of warmth and coziness and usually involves hot drinks, dim lights, candles, and blankets. But it’s more than feeling cozy, it’s about living in the moment with a few close friends, it’s about finding a balance between work and socializing. I think this is one of the things I’ll miss most, but something I’ll take with me. Copenhagen has helped me realize the importance of balance, of making time for loved ones. So Smithies, get ready for plenty of candles, hot drinks, fuzzy blankets, and good conversations when I get back 🙂

Tak for DIS…

Many people treat study abroad as an opportunity to take it easy with classes and just travel. At DIS, there is still a strong focus on academics, which I loved. Yes, it was easier than Smith, but I also gained so much from this program. I learned about so many new subjects — the European Union, the Danish political system, Human trafficking, Danish educational system, and even some Danish language! I’m so thankful for the hands on learning through field studies around Copenhagen and my long study tour in Brussels. When else would I have the opportunity to interview key players within the EU?! So tak, DIS, for letting me grow as a student in ways I never imagined possible.

Tak for the adventures… 

Go Boats, Tivoli, Paper Island, Glass Market, Round Tower, Christiana, Carlsburg, The Royal Danish Ballet, Det Ny Teater (Where I saw Chicago IN DANISH), and so much more. There was never a dull or boring moment throughout my time here. Even just biking around the city would entertain me for hours. I’ll miss drinking “probably the best beer in the world”, eating out a Paper Island, and seeing all the fabulous performing arts shows.

Tusind Tak (a thousand thanks) for du…

I know it sounds cheesy, but these past four months have been the best months of my life. I can honestly say it’s because of Copenhagen. I can’t even imagine choosing any other place to study abroad. I loved every aspect of the city: accessible biking, hygge, the fashion, the trusting society, the language, the people, even the cold weather. Everyday I found something new to love and every day I felt more and more at home. I know this is not goodbye, because I’ll definitely be back. ❤️🇩🇰



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