A Summer (Winter) in New Zealand!

G’day mates! As many of you know, I am in New Zealand for the summer (winter?) interning on a campaign! It’s a lot of phone banking, canvassing, and lectures but all so much fun. While it’s technically winter here, the temperature is around 60 and the only downfall is it rains quite a lot. But no complaints, especially after experiencing Danish winter! Besides it being winter in New Zealand, here’s a list of other differences compared with the United States:

  1. The drive on the left side of the road (which isn’t that hard, I tried!!)
  2. A coffee is a “long black”
  3. Mate, Cheers, Boot, Sweet As, G’Day are just a few words they use just a bit differently down here.
  4. Rain doesn’t stop anyone from doing anything.
  5. Everyone is SO friendly and cheerful, I’ve never felt so welcomed in a foreign country.

I’ve already been here for two weeks so I’ll try to catch you up on my adventures thus far 🙂

Weekend 1: Arrival Weekend

Instead of spending my first weekend in New Zealand catching up on sleep, I ended up going on an adventure. A group of us went to KiteKite Falls, Piha Beach, and Lion’s Rock. The waterfall was absolutely stunning, and we even got to climb to the top of it! After hanging out by the water (and some even jumping in the water) we rode down to Piha Beach. I can’t explain how magical this place was. The water was so calm and reflected the pink sunset in the most beautiful way possible. It felt straight out of a fairytale. We hiked to the top of Lion’s Rock and silently watched the sunset. We watched the sky go from pink to purple to orange to a sleepy dark blue. The pictures don’t do this place justice, but they will have to suffice for now.

Processed with VSCO with nc preset
View from Lion’s Rock

Piha Beach
Weekend Two: Emma Arrives!

At my one week mark, one of my best friends’ from Smith came to start her internship here. I was so excited to see her because we haven’t seen each other in just about a year! Emma was in D.C first semester, and I was in Copenhagen second semester, so we have a lot of catching up to do! On Sunday, Emma’s first day, we walked to Takapuna and grabbed some breakkie (poached eggs with avocado on sourdough toast YUM). After brunch us along with two new friends from the United Kingdom hiked up Mount Victoria in Devonport. While a short hike, it offered a magnificent panoramic view of Auckland.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
View from Mount Victoria
On Monday Emma, Lauren, and I set out to Te Henga to do some hiking. One forty minute drive later, we reached the black sand beach on the West Coast, walked around and watched some impressive surfing. After the beach, we made our way to the hike. Te Henga is an 8 kilometer hike along the west coast and known for having stunning views. Once again, New Zealand amazed me with its beauty. The entire hike, we were surrounded by views of the ocean, hills, and forests. When we reached the summit, we could see down the entire beach AND to top it off, there were SHEEP at the top of this mountain. It was unreal. I also tried driving on the left side of the road and it was a success!! No accidents… yet 🙂

Processed with VSCO with nc preset
The view from up top

That’s all for now folks! I’ll update my blog soon with this weekend’s adventures, but I’m far too tired to type any more. In my short two weeks here, I’ve already met some incredible people and have seen the most beautiful landscapes in the world. Stay tuned to hear about more adventures 🙂


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  1. I’m coming in a month now and I can’t wait !! I’m reassured concerning the winter there 😉

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  2. Can’t beat the Nature in New Zealand!! I find it so weird that its winter haha

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