Sulfur, Sand, and Speeches!

Hello all! I’ve been busy in New Zealand, filling my days with wonderful adventures with new friends. Read below for a recap of this past weekend!

Rotorua: Taupo Volcanic Zone

On Saturday the squad and I took a road trip to Rotorua to see the Thermal Wonderland. What is this wonderland? It’s about a four kilometer walk around a natural volcanic area with geothermal activity. It was rated one of the top 20 most surreal places in the world and the website did not lie! There were volcanic crater lakes, geysers, hot mud pools, colorful waters, and more. The only downfall was the inescapable smell of sulfur. You can read more about the Rotorua area here.



After the thermal park, we drove to a natural sulfur pond. The water was so warm and we had such a good time splashing around. However, because I am me, I forgot to take off my rings before going in the water. As a result, both my rings turned gold! So, while I 10/10 recommend going here, TAKE OFF YOUR JEWELRY!




Monday, our little group took a road trip up north to Coromandel. Our first stop was Cathedral Cove. Fun fact: This was the location where Narnia was filmed! One long, but scenic hike later we arrived to the cove. It was a gorgeous, sunny day which made the beach and cove all the more beautiful. While we didn’t wind up in Narnia, we still had an amazing time. It was so nice to relax and soak up the sun’s rays after five days of rain.


Afterwards, we drove to the hot sand beach. What is a hot sand beach? Probably the most incredible thing I’ve ever been to. There is a section on this beach where you can dig in the sand and the water beneath it is piping hot. The water can get up to 64 degrees Celsius, which is about 124 degrees Fahrenheit! It’s basically nature’s dig – your – own – hot tub. While a lot of work, we eventually made our own hot tub and it was wonderful.


the #squad

Jacinda Ardern:

Tuesday evening all the fellows were gathered to listen to a lecture given by Jacinda Ardern who is the Deputy Leader of the Labour Party and MP for Mt. Albert. She spoke about her journey into politics, the issues she faces as a woman in politics, current issues Kiwis find most important, and answered all of our questions. She was an amazingly captivating speaker and touched upon every aspect of a life in politics. An inspiring woman and someone who reenergized me and my love of politics.

Yes, we met Jacinda in our pajamas.

As always, stay tuned for more updates from this magnificent country!


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